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Help us to determine your HR Technology need.  By filling out the Get A Quote Form.  Whether there’s a business case for a new system. If there is, we walk them through a tight HR System Selection process. We also help our vendor partners reach new customers.

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Submit the form and our team of seasoned HR technology consultants help software purchasers and sellers willl see what solutions are best for you and your company. We work with many products like Fairsail, cFactor and more.  No HRIS implementation is too complex.

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After analysis we will be back in your inbox or with a quote that will be sure to please you and be more affordable than the competiton.  With us we’ll ensure you maximize your system & your ROI.

What Our Clients Say

"Thank you for all your hard work. All of your work was educational and we look forward to working with you in the future."

Anita Marcheske, Generac Power

"We are very excited about the Hive Tech HR partnership, they bring outstanding complimentary expertise, which can help our customers realize more benefit."

Fairsail, HR Software Vendor

"Hive Tech was invaluable to our project. They worked with urgency to resolve our problems, consistently met deadlines and maintained a sense of humor under pressure. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.”

Linda Stouffer, Dir of Compensation and Benefits TOA Technologies

What Makes Us Different

At Hive Tech HR, we understand how important your hR Technology project is to you. We treat you and your project with the urgency and professionalism you deserve. Our HR Tech experts get to know you and your company intimately so they can present the full picture and roadmap on what to do next with your HR Technology.

Our expert HR Technology team will work with your internal team every step of the way to make sure that you have the support and training you need, across the enterprise. We’ll also make sure to keep great records, so that your intellectual property isn’y compromised if a key team player doesn’t stay in the organization.

HRIS experts will assign key performance indicators, unique to your project or mandate, to track each activity and accountability measurements across departments and team members, creating a “bottleneck-free” zone.

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We’re looking forward to meeting you and discussing the options available to solve your HRTech issue. Your consultation will be confidential and you are under no obligation to retain our services. Our HRIS experts are ready to find a solution to your HRTech issue. Please click the button below to schedule your FREE consultation.